An introduction of the project
New Sounds of Europe started off as a collaboration between Timo Millitz and Matteo Villa. Having both a great interest in making videos, they started working on a series of projects and most notably the shooting of a music video in December 2012. In the winter of 2014, they started talking about making live video sessions. One of their goals with the project was to combine traveling, meeting people, filming and discovering new music. All that by breaking (literal and figurative) borders. The idea came to mind as Timo joined the local department of Utrecht of the Dutch music platform 3voor12 in November 2013.

Step by step, they built up the foundations of a new project. The name New Sounds of Europe was created on 28 February 2014. In less than a year, they shot and edited more than 20 sessions in Utrecht, Liège, Brussels, Berlin, St. Vith and Leipzig. All those sessions include a wide range of musical styles from more up-tempo/popular songs to more abstract/progressive pieces shot in very diverse spaces.

Until this moment, Timo and Matteo have managed to finance everything with their own money. This investment was needed to get the (then still unknown) project from the ground. Now the base of the project is in its final shape: New Sounds of Europe is starting to accept grants and donations. Those will allow us to expand the project and make, more frequently, new and exciting videos for you to watch. The grants and donations will also be used to invest in new audiovisual equipment to improve the quality of our videos and will cover the costs of the people volunteering for New Sounds of Europe (like the audio engineers and copywriters currently working with Timo and Matteo). For more information about supporting New Sounds of Europe by making donations, please, refer to the donation section of our website.

The project New Sounds of Europe is based in Utrecht (The Netherlands), Milan (Italy) and Brussels (Belgium).

For more information about how to apply please follow the steps as written in the How To Apply section of our website.

You can send your questions, tips, suggestions and comments to info@newsoundsofeurope.com. Please for a videos session request first follow the steps as written in the How To Apply section of our website.