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Your donation to New Sounds of Europe is always welcome!
Dear Friends,

Here at New Sounds of Europe, we are working all across Europe to find new artists and inspiring venues that allow us to film unique and creative sessions.
One of our main goals is to keep doing what we love: releasing high quality videos that show off the talent of the artists we work with and the beauty of the places we go to.

New Sounds of Europe is funded privately. By us.
We do not have any grants yet or any external funding source. That is why we're reaching out to you.

Together, we can start something new. Explore. Go further.

With your donation (even a small one) we would expand our discovery of Europe and make new and exciting videos for you to watch. We would also invest in new video and audio equipment to improve our videos and we would cover the costs of the people volunteering for us. Those people are helping us make each video shoot an always greater experience and are decisive part of our work.

We thank you already for sharing our work, supporting us and making the future of New Sounds of Europe a promising journey.

Best wishes,
Timo Millitz & Matteo Villa