Frequently Asked Questions
How much does it cost to do a video session with New Sounds of Europe?
There is no direct cost involved in the making of a video session with us. However, we have a few conditions which can include small costs. For more information about these conditions please go to the How to apply section of this site.

Do you accept all musical genres?
We find it very important to depict the European music scene in the brightest way possible. We generally accept all styles of music. While we do not have restrictions with the way we select the artists we work with, we have a limited recording set up which doesn’t allow us to record bulkier line ups. This is why we always try to focus on musicians and bands that are willing to perform their music in a more acoustic way. There’s always room for exceptions and we are open to suggestions.

Our lyrics are not in English. Would that be a problem?
We do not have any restrictions about the language of the lyrics of your music, so all languages are welcome. Although, we are generally not eager to work with bands that write inappropriate and offensive material.

Can I do a cover song in the video session?
It’s only possible to perform a song of which the copyrights are owned by the performer of the live session or a connected record label. In that case the record label has to give permission to use that song by signature.

Should I travel to where New Sounds of Europe is based in order to make a video session?
It’s part of the NSoE concept to shoot a live video session in the city where the band is based. The band doesn’t need to travel, NSoE does.

If you have a question for us that’s not listed above please do not hesitate to contact us. You can ask us your question by our email, info@newsoundsofeurope.com.