Bart van der Lee
Studio Juul Rameau, Utrecht
03.05.2014   24.07.2014
Everybody knows it: being on TV will boost your career. It also did it for Dutch singer/songwriter Bart van der Lee. He signed up for a show called "De Beste Singer Songwriter" (The best singer/songwriter of the Netherlands), thinking it was a radio show. Only later he found out he would be on TV! Someone else won the show, but the sales figures of his debut album increased exponentially. Last autumn he released his second album: "Ballads for the Heathens or Dying". From this slow, dark, sometimes desperate sounding album he plays the love song "Reign in my Heart"'.

Bart van der Lee and his violinist perform their song in the, as she calls it, "Wunderkammer" of visual artist Juul Rameau. In her studio she collects nature objects like stones, branches and leaves, which she uses as a basis for her etching and linocuts. Juul currently works on a book called "101 poppies in one day": a series of etched poppies accompanied by texts and poems. She works in the biggest studio complex of Utrecht, The Netherlands.

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