Westplein Bike Tunnel, Utrecht
12.06.2014   07.08.2014
Raw beats and sharp lyrics: that's the trademark of Dutch hip hoppers StropStrikkers (tie knotters). The three mc's released their third album "Tabula Rasa" in March, after a long break of 6 years working on solo projects. The Dutch press is full of praise for the new album, calling it as dark and raw as its precursors, but more refined and poetic. Watch the StropStrikkers rap and beat box a combination of the songs "Kruistocht" (Crusade) and "Blam Blam" (eh...), both from their new album.

The video session was recorded in a tunnel in Utrecht, a underground passage for bikes at the Westplein, well-known as a graffiti hotspot. The StropStrikkers shot their first video clip in there. But the tunnel will be closed soon. The council has decided on a fly-over for trams and buses, of which the understructure will sit in the tunnel. Therefore, the bike tunnel will be poured with sand and cease to be.

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