Julie Mottet ( nowadays: Julia H )
Bâtiment Abandonné, Liège
23.06.2014   17.07.2014
Julie's musical inspirations are deeply rooted in the late 90's when the (one-hit) wonders of pop music would make people sing along to the likes of Hanson, Twarres and Richard Aschroft as he was walking through the crowds backed by a (now-famous) string section. Though not devoid of earlier musical reminiscences, the "Liégoise" Julie Mottet has a real connection with today's world. She's walked on the "indie path", producing her first EP in 2013.

Julie finds her lyrical identity in self-experienced situations that thread their way out of challenging emotions. "I Came Over to See You" is not exception to the rule. In this song, Julie Mottet reminds us what it's like to hang on to the things that make a relationship worth it and the effort we put in those hoping they'll work out. She wants to travel, be the international guide that will share her music in small places where people notice the value of that true and unique capture of a moment.

Located in her home town Liège, the session was shot in a derelict building with great character.

N.B.: In 2015 Julie adopted a new artist name: Julia H.

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Text by Thomas Cacciapaglia (facebook.com).
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