Hydrogen Sea
Apartment Schaerbeek, Brussels
02.07.2014   28.08.2014
Hydrogen Sea is a Belgian duo playing dreamy, ambient pop songs. Multi-instrumentalist P.J. Seaux and singer Birsen Uçar combine real instruments with electronic sounds like synthesizers, beats and vocal effects, trying to find the right balance. In this session they only play an electric guitar as an exception. Listen to the song "Wear Out" from their EP Court in the Dark and enjoy Birsen’s lingering singing and dreamy atmosphere.

The song was performed in an apartment in Schaerbeek, a commune located within the Brussels-Capital Region. The commune is known as the 'donkey commune', stemming from the donkeys transporting cherries grown in the region to be sold at the market in Brussels. In the commune there are some beautiful Renaissance buildings, a style you can recognize in the classical painted ceiling in the apartment.

» Website of Hydrogen Sea: hydrogensea.com

Text by Fimke Duursma (bureaured.nl).
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