Efi Sussman
Skallywag Gallery, Berlin
19.08.2014   11.09.2014
Efi Sussman is a singer songwriter originally from Israel. Her musical path started while she was traveling in India where she discovered both of her biggest passions who constantly influence each other – music and traveling. She is a self-taught musician who learned how to play and sing as she describes "only by hearing and feeling the sounds". Her musical genre is versatile as Efi her self. The people she meets, the places she experiences and generally life itself influence her song writing and melodies. As a traveling musician, Efi has performed in various places around the globe. She says she loves how the music overcomes age, cultural and language barriers. Efi released her first album "It Was Always There" last summer. The song in the video, "Simple", describes a moment where everything disappears but the present and you realize how simple it really is. For this special live video for New Sounds Of Europe Efi decided to experiment for the first time with a new instrument, the xylophone.

The video was shot at Skallywag Gallery, Berlin – an inspiring space with amazing art by Mateo Dineen.

» Efi Sussman’s music: efisussman.bandcamp.com
» Efi Sussman’s Facebook: facebook.com/efisussman
» Mateo Dineen’s Art: mateo-art.com
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