Robbing Banks
Ozebi Snooker Centre, Utrecht
02.12.2014   08.01.2015
Robbing Banks sounds like an entire band. But it's not. There is only one, and his name is Robin van Saaze. After he played in various bands he decided to take measures into its own hands. He went to the Dutch province of Zeeland and locked himself up in a cottage. Robbing Banks was born. There he learned to accompany himself on guitar and drums at the same time and recorded it with anything that was available. A few cheap microphones and his laptop. That was all he needed. Everything goes. Van Saaze makes garage rock and his debut album Got Love Need Money was filled with glaring, short and pointy songs.

Robbing Banks plays his song "Let's Go Home" in OZEBI Snooker Centre, located in de Biltstraat in Utrecht. OZEBI was at first a swimming pool/bathing house but when it closed in 1986 it was transformed into a snooker and pool centre. However, the interior remained the same to the original and the building has the status of a municipal monument. There is room for pool and snooker but laser games are also hosted.

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Text by Bas van Laar.
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