Ladies' Fantasies Club
Kino Corso, St. Vith
02.01.2015   12.02.2015
Ladies' Fantasies Club - acoustic rock, with lyrics between romance and irony. Not only for ladies!

When Jean-Yves Szmida is not painting or not working as a stonemason, he writes songs. From the year 2000 on, he played bass or guitar in different music projects and was frontman of the Rock band Pan!c TV.
Influenced by bands and musicians like The Strokes, The Cure (acoustic), Mauro Pawlowski, The Love Substitutes or even his former band Pan!c TV, he started Ladies' Fantasies Club in 2013 as a solo project (singer-songwriter). The maxim that runs like a common thread through his artwork and his music is: The journey is the reward. In 2014, Joshua Cremer joined him as a drummer. Joshua brings more elements of rock into the sound, since he is currently also drummer of a groove metal band and a hip hop combo.
"What You Get" is a song from the forthcoming EP which will be released in 2015.

The East-Belgian town of St. Vith near the German and Luxembourg border knew a changeful history and was completely destroyed in December 1944 during the so called Battle of the Bulge. The city was even mentioned by the character George Clooney played in the movie The Monuments Men. The video was shot in the cinema Kino Corso, which was built after World War II.

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