Casper Adrien
Werkspoorkathedraal, Utrecht
18.10.2015   17.12.2015
In his melancholic music, Casper Broekaart (known as Casper Adrien) contemplates what he calls 'the beauty of contrasts'. The confrontation it offers works as a mirror for both the artist and the listener. In the end, the musical looking glass Broekaart holds manages to show an optimistic note in the most vulnerable surroundings. However, this is not the only musical way in which the artist expresses himself: Broekaart is also one of the driving forces behind Utrecht's Knalland collective and the Lorrainville group. Both are worth checking out if you want to see some of the different shades of the artist. When listening to this versatile musician here, one can think of, for instance, David Gray as well as Oscar And The Wolf. And what do all three of them have in common? An impassioned soul that intensely combines profound feelings.

Resembling the longing atmosphere of the music, Werkspoorkathedraal is the merger of what is past and what is yet to come. More than half a century ago, this unique building served as a factorial place that gave rise to new products: for decades, Werkspoor N.V. (‘Workrail plc’ in Dutch), located in Utrecht, was a royal producer of steel constructions and railway material. Nowadays, the superstructure still embodies the home of various projects: from audio and video recordings or opera events to work areas and catering. Werkspoorkathedraal has thus remained the creative home of creations.

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