How To Apply
How to request for a video session
On this page we’ll try to give you a clear picture of how to apply with your music or band for a video session with New Sounds of Europe. Please read this information carefully before approaching us.

1. Short introduction NSoE
First of all, it’s important for you to know what New Sounds of Europe is and how we run this project. New Sounds of Europe was founded in early 2014 by Matteo Villa and Timo Millitz. The aim of the project is to break European borders and to bring new bands and artists exposure from one side of Europe to the other. The project is currently running on personal savings of the founders and gifts of dear donators only.

2. Conditions
Because we want to keep our creative freedom by making videos within the concept of New Sounds of Europe we do not ask the bands and artists for any payments directly related to the video session we make with them. We do, however, ask the bands to have a strong motivation to work with us. We believe in a world of mutual giving and taking. Therefore, we have a few conditions we ask you to agree on before shooting a video session with you:
     •  The artists should be motivated to work with us.
     •  The communication between us and the artists
         should be clear and run smoothly.
     •  The artists should have enough space in their agenda
         to look for locations, have a meeting with us and
         shoot the video session.
     •  The artists should be able to host us or accommodate
         us somewhere else for at least 2 nights.
     •  It is possible that we may have to ask artists to
         compensate our travel costs to do their session, or
         to share these costs with other artists from the same
         city whom we do a session with the same time period.
     •  It’s not accepted to apply with cover songs.
A file with more details about the conditions and important things to know will be shared with you after the decision of doing a video session with you.

3. How to apply?
Please first subscribe to our mailing list, so you are in our database and you will be able to get inportant messages and announcements. Then write us an email with attached your music and your complete details in our application form pdf.
The email content: When approaching us, please give us a good vibe by showing that you are motivated to work with us, make it personal! Tell us something about you or your band and your music.
The attached application form: Download our Application Form PDF and first save it to your computer with the name of your band. Use Adobe PDF Reader to fill out all fields completly. Attach the file with all fields filled out to the email.
The attached music: Of course, we do like discovering new music and having a listen to your music. Send us at least 2 song files, the recording quality is not important.

4. What's next?
We will read your email and listen your music carefully, then we will tell you if there are good reasons for us to do a video session with you. Please understand that we get a lot of requests daily, we are not able to take on every project. However, we will always try to be as clear as possible and get back to you in due time.

5. Necessary links
» The NSoE Application Form PDF for bands
» Subscibe to our mailing list