Giuseppe Valenza
Klein Restaurant, Utrecht
04.05.2014   10.07.2014
In a former life, Giuseppe Valenza was a fashion designer in Milan. He quit his job in 2008 to move to the Netherlands, where he started the band "Bodypolitics". Last year they released their second album "Inner Nil": a collection of dark noisepop songs with guitar walls and electronical influences. Lately, they surprised everybody by deciding to turn to more intimate, acoustic songs. This session lifts a little corner of the veil. Giuseppe plays the farm fresh song "This Isn't Really Happening", which he wrote only a day before.

The session was recorded in a studio called 'Klein Restaurant' (Small Restaurant), referring to its old function as a trucker's restaurant. The place is now the work spot of four artists. Valenza performs his song in the studio of Remy Habets. This visual artist makes installations and sculptures that consist of a combination of homemade and found objects.

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