Osséant Afana
Maison des Cultures de Molenbeek, Brussels
15.01.2015   21.05.2015
Osséant. While his name hints towards the French translation of the word ‘Ocean’, Osséant Afana is a Belgian-Cameroonian artist who articulated his first musical ideas in a time of great personal need 7 years from now. His collaboration with Morgan Kadj (Bass) and Roch ‘Le Juge’ (Guitar) stems from an earlier band in which he was the front man. He then met his drummer (Ezequiel Scarriotta) at a gig and convinced him to join the project after showing him his work.

As Osséant sees it, being optimistic is a priority, a lifestyle, a mantra. That warmth oozes out from Osséant’s writing, stage-dancing and groovy soul-rock patterns. Drawing inspiration from Tété’s lyrics, Spleen’s unrestrained imagination and Lenny Kravitz’ effective songwriting, Osséant is soon to release a new EP entitled ‘Comme on respire’ with a wave of performances to come across Belgium. We could say that his bright lyrical reflections come in a time of need. Just like we need the air, the earth… oceans.
Maison des Cultures de Molenbeek is located right in the center of the historic part of Molenbeek-Saint-Jean in a renovated building that used to be a vocational school. It was made as a place where artistic creation, expression and the interaction with the public is key. It was established as a home for diversity, a chance for people to meet and bring out their talent to build together. In addition to being an auditorium, a music venue and an exhibition hall, ‘La Maison des Cultures’ is a place to learn, offering workshops and a place for children to expand their creative language.

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Text by Thomas Cacciapaglia (facebook.com).
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