Place De La Bourse Nº 1, Brussels
13.01.2015   27.03.2015
Whocat is the fruit of the musical vibes of the Brussels' vocalist and musician Sara Moonen together with Joris Lindemans (double bass), Benoit Minon (guitar) and Davy Palumbo (drums and percussions). The backgrounds of the musicians are very diverse and their music floats in between multitudes of influences, which results in a sparkling alchemy. They love to create a sound together, infuse it with groove and frisky melodies and then take it out to all different types of audiences.
The band has been performing at lot for the last two years and is currently finishing a first EP "Blueprints", that will be released later this year.
The session is shot and recorded at the house of Maria Coenen, a close friend of the band and also founder of Bonnefooi and Epaulé Jeté, two dynamic cultural hotspots in Brussels. The apartment is situated at Place de la Bourse Nº 1 next to the Boulevard Anspach. This avenue is quite controversial amongst Brussels' population because it generates a lot of traffic in the very heart of Brussels. Eventually, this summer Place de la Bourse and a part of the boulevard will become a car free zone for pedestrians.

» Whocat: whocatmusic.com, facebook.com
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