Restaurant De Klub, Utrecht
26.04.2015   18.06.2015
A whole history of different landscapes, and now a cabin in the countryside. That's where the dreamy soundscapes and natural, analogue beats of Geysers are born. After several years of Novack's indie pop, front man Alexander van der Linden now plays electronic music inspired by artists like John Lemke and John Talabot. In his new music, one of the main elements of his former band is still there: it moves you, if not your soul, then surely your body. While Geysers' first song 'Slowly Drawn' was already a wonderful example of that, the song in this session, 'My Love', is even more catchy (an EP is to be released very soon). But the producer doesn't only give us those haunting synths and beats: as you will hear, he gives us even his heart.
Restaurant De Klub is a cosy and stylish bar-restaurant in Utrecht. It is located in a place called 'Vechtclub XL' (fighting club XL), a creative joint in which all kinds of creative people gather. That way, De Klub often comes into contact with music – they even share their delicious meals on Best Kept Secret and Into The Great Wide Open. And now they share their beautiful interior with us.

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