Lezuaso ( nowadays: One Bird Orchestra )
Koninklijk Conservatorium, Brussels
26.06.2014   31.07.2014
Lezuaso (pronounced as "les oiseaux", meaning birds in French) is a young collective of four female singers studying at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. Their love for vocal harmony and free improvised music joined them together. They sing a capella, without accompaniment from musical instruments (apart from the harmonium used for tuning). Their song "Black Hats" is an exciting musical piece of melodic singing as a quartet as well as solo singing supported by scatting and humming.

The video was recorded in the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, the main drama and music college in Belgium. In 1967 it was split into a French part, Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles, and a Dutch part, Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel, where the video was recorded. The conservatory is located in a beautiful Neo-Renaissance building from 1832. Silke, Mariske, Lotte and Sophie sing in an empty, unused room, formerly functioning as the house of the concierge.

N.B.: In 2015 Lezuaso adopted a new name: One Bird Orchestra.

» One Bird Orchestra (Lezuaso) on Facebook: facebook.com
» Website of Koninklijk Conservatorium: kvb.be

Text by Fimke Duursma (bureaured.nl).
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